Lorenzo Marchi

works/years 2012-2015 - series

What we Did in Our Holidays (Writings on photograph)
A as Artist (Digital Writings)
Artists are Interchangeable (Writings on photograph)
Censored (Writings on photograph)
Versus D (Writings on photograph)
Price is an Art Language (Writings on photograph)
The Art System makes the Art Language (Writings on photograph)
Are You Ready for the Paradox of Art? (Writings on photograph)
Are You Ready for the Art Market? (Writings on photograph)
Are You Ready for the Accumulation? (Writings on photograph)
Sirmio (Photography)
Trinity (Installation)

VERSUS D, 2012

The project examines some aspects of identity non only interfacing the Ost and the West of Germany after the reunification, but taking the Mauer as a disquieting symbol in relations between opposing identities - East and West, but also North and South and in general between populations - and the absurb and often tragic consequences of their divisions.


Marchi’s ironical looks of investigation, with a wide body of works, avoid boundaries among the fields of politics, economy, culture and people existence. Looking also at the phenomenum of the endemic desire about western goods, he brings to the surface the chimeras that the present crisis is reproposing in Europe and worlwide.