Lorenzo Marchi
conceptual art on photography

works/years 2016-2017-2018 - series

DESERT/ECONOMY (Photos, sculptures, collected objects) 2018
RAMELTON (Photography) 2016
OUT OF TIME (Photography) 2016

I'LL DROP A LINE is my last research/process  2017 in abstract fieldThe process started from a revisitation of the Neoplastic Movement  a century after its beginning.

Since in contemporary art almost everything has been investigated in subjects and techniques, and the appropriation has been used by artists intensively since the 1980s, with regard to some processes I prefer to use the term revisiting, which highlights the time factor, the (historical) re-reading just re-taking a subject.

The use of digital techniques applied to a decostruction of some neoplastic artworks led me to a kind of sabotagescomposition, rhythm of lines and colors, mixed with some results of my scansion research developed  since the 1980s.

Subprocesses inside I'LL DROP A LINE:
- Scomposizioni ritmiche
- On a Dilemma
- Geometrici Voli

Between criticism and proposal, DESERT/ECCONOMY is the process that photographs, recovers and transforms waste, objects and materials of the physical and social desert. The desert as a place without boundaries or temporal limits. In the desert we are and look the same way.
RAMELTON. Irish survey between lands, horizons and urban landscapes, in the pearly light of the great northern skies
OUT OF TIME. Clues, signs and witnesses say that everything can live out of time